Buffy Art Historian: Communist Revolution

by Nandia Foteini Vlachou


HALFREK: Darling, take a look around. There’s a lot to see. There’s a revolution going on outside that you are somewhat responsible for. Aren’t you the teeniest bit interested?

ANYA: Well, what is there to be interested in? The worker will overthrow absolutism and lead the proletariat to a victorious communist revolution, resulting in socio-economic paradise on earth. It’s common sense, really. I have better things to worry about.


season 7, episode 5, Selfless (written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, created by Joss Whedon)

(artwork: Boris Kustodiev, Bolshevik, 1920, oil on canvas, 101 × 141 cm, The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow)