Buffy Art Historian: The Conquest of America

by Nandia Foteini Vlachou


SPIKE: You won. All right? You came in and you killed them and you took their land. That’s what conquering nations do. It’s what Caesar did, and he’s not going around saying, ‘I came, I conquered, I felt really bad about it.’ The history of the world isn’t people making friends. You had better weapons, and you massacred them. End of story.


Spike calling the rest of the group out for their superficial and rather hypocritical politically correct anxieties regarding Native Americans: season 4, episode 8, Pangs (written by Jane Espenson, created by Joss Whedon)

(artwork: Jan Mostaert, Landscape with an Episode from the Conquest of America, c. 1535, oil on panel, 86 x 152 cm, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)