A-typical I

by Nandia Foteini Vlachou


In this series, I am going to post paintings (for the most part) that do not look like what we’ve come to expect from a certain painter. The idea is to stress the multiplicity of genres, visual vocabularies, representational strategies, compositional schemes etc. employed by any one artist during the entire course of her/his career, in an attempt to undermine the concept of the single (or unique) style. Style is viewed very much like personality is: there can be only one, and whatever inconsistencies are observed, they must be attributed to a process of change that leads to ‘maturation’. My friend and colleague Noti Klagka has taken Annibale Carracci scholarship to task on this point (for her doctoral dissertation), and her conclusions are remarkable. This series is dedicated to her.

(Viewers might – or might not – be familiar with the images and artists posted here. Authors will be revealed only at the posting of the subsequent image. I believe it would defeat the purpose if I included authorship, since names generate associations and many of our preconceptions are deeply embedded. If, however, you are eager to find out what the painting is, you can google the image, or use the contact form in the About section to ask me directly).