Friends and Photography: Gerasimos Mamonas

by Nandia Foteini Vlachou


“Male and female, outside and inside, presence and absence, life and death – the snake is that sought-after (dreaded) moment in sexuality where all founding distinctions flow into each other. As they do with the corpse in the stream”

T. J. Clark, The Sight of Death, 2006

Achilleion, Corfu (© Gerasimos Mamonas)


[Gerasimos Mamonas took this picture in the Achilleion Palace, on the island of Corfu where he lives. His photographs have often the quality of a waking nightmare and his landscapes and “housescapes” are penetrated by a deep sense of loss and desolation. In his spare time, he watches rare movies with titles that are hard to memorize]